Service Production Berlin

Germany – so much more than just beer and lederhosen

Germany is the financial and also geographic heart of Europe and draws on the influences in all direction making in a diverse and malleable filmmaking destination. From the coast in the north which offers beautiful beaches; across the spacious, big-skied lowlands of the inner country; through the scenic forests and lakes and old-world villages in the traditional south; up into the mountains, home to all imaginable winter scenery. And because most of Germany’s cities got blown to pieces in the you-know-what, modern and contemporary architecture has rejuvenated the skylines and offers great urban vistas and interior locations.

More and more people are discovering the paradoxes of the capital city. In recent years Berlin has had a new lick of paint but it still offers an intoxicating mix of old and new, the shiny and elegant and the downtrodden and grimy. And while Berlin is Germany’s largest city, it’s also spacious and relaxed making it perfectly suited to city-based film productions. Extensive parks and the lake district surrounding the city mean that access to nature is never a problem. It makes for an exciting and diverse urban location for any production and also offers the luxury of world class facilities, crews and production services.

All of this is connected by Germany’s extremely well-developed infrastructure. Airports connect all the cities, and a network of high-speed trains criss-cross the country connecting to outlying areas. Not to mention the fun fun fun you can have on the Autobahn.